Exec Board

Know Your Executive Board


Dilcy Benn, President Local 1505




Emalia Laroche, Recording Secretary










Hello, my name is Emalia La Roche, better known as “Marley” and I am the Recording Secretary of your Local 1505

I have been with the Parks Department for several years now. I work at 86 St Shop s Technical Services in Manhattan as a  CPW. This entails driving and assisting the tradesmen.

My Job as the secretary is to record meetings and information pertinent to our members. This is an important job and I take it seriously.


Vincent Towles











I have been with New York City  Parks and Recreation for several years. I am a C.P.W located in the Bronx district 3 . I am also on the Executive Board of Local 1505 since fall 2014. I am looking forward  to work with and for our members.














I am on the Executive Board  for Local 1505. I have been working the Park’s Department for several years. I have been nominated for Employee of the month of the District of Manhattan. My goal is to help all our members.