List of  Local 1505 Benefits



Forms only (212) 815-1531

Death Benefits (212) 815-1373 or 1374

Hearing Impaired (212) 815-1266

Florida retirees (305) 652-6200 or
write 633 N.E. 167 Street N. Miami Beach FLA 33162

Information on coverage and how to apply for all Health and Security Benefits, including Drug, Optical, Disability and Dental benefits may be obtained by calling the Benefit Information Section at (212) 815-1234 or by visiting Room 300, 125 Barclay Street.

Be sure to have the members Social Security number handy when you call.


Phone: (212) 815-1266

Available on audio cassette for blind and visually impaired members: DC 37′s Health and Security Benefits book (for full time employees, part time employees and retirees, please specify which is needed.)


Manhattan (212) 766-4440

Brooklyn (718) 852-1400

The DC 37 Family Dental Centers are at two locations: 186 Joralemon Street in downtown Brooklyn and 115 Chambers Street in Manhattan. Both offer comprehensive dental care to members and eligible dependents and are open Monday through Saturday.


Manhattan (212) 766-4445, Brooklyn (718) 625-2544

DC 37 Podiatry Care (foot care) is offered at 115 Chambers Street, Manhattan and 186 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn. This service is for members only. Please call ahead for an appointment.

AUDIOLOGY (212) 341-4790

The DC37 Audiology Service [for hearing problems] is located in Room 770 at union headquarters, 125 Barclay Street. Members only. Included are audiological evaluations by an audiologist and, if necessary, a hearing aid. For an appointment call between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday to Friday.

VISION CENTER (212) 766-4452

The DC 37 Vision Center is located at 115 Chambers Street in Manhattan. The center can be used by members and their eligible dependents. The standard optical benefit provides an eye exam and lenses and frames, if necessary, every two years. Available at the DC 37 Vision Center and at participating optical centers.

TO REQUEST VOUCHERS (212) 815-1234

Only at the DC 37 Vision Center are you also entitled to an eye examination and new lenses, if necessary, 12 months after receiving your standard benefit.

Appointments at the DC 37 Vision Center can be made by calling (212) 766-4452, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. beginning the last Monday of each month and each subsequent day until all appointments are booked for the next six to eight week period. Appointments cannot be made before your eligibility date.

If you choose to use one of the participating vision services other than at Chambers Street call (212) 815-1234 to request a voucher.


Surgical Consult/NYC Healthline

DC 37 2nd Surgical Opinion Program (212) 815-1355

GHI Members: Employees and Medicare-ineligible retirees who are enrolled in GHI-C or GHI-CBP must call the city’s NYC healthline prior to any non-emergency hospitalization and if outpatient surgery at a hospital or surgical center is scheduled

In addition, if your doctor schedules certain non-emergency procedures in his/her office you must call Healthline prior to the procedure being performed.

Such procedures include any surgery of the foot, nose, eye, tonsils, adenoids, breast or knee and any procedure to correct a hernia or varicose vein. Call the 1-800 number to the left.

Members of any health plan can get a second opinion at no cost for any elective surgery from the DC 37 Second Surgical Opinion Program. Call the number to the left.


Phone: (212) 815-1260

Professionally trained social work staff can help with emotional and family concerns, alcoholism and drug abuse, health problems and adjustment to recent concerns.

Information is available on a wide range of social services to the community. Short term and group counseling available. Call between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. for a screening evaluation.



You may be eligible to receive up to $700 per year from the DC Education Fund Tuition Reimbursement Program. For more information or to receive an application please call
212-815-1663 or 1664.



DC 37 provides FREE tax preparation service to its members. For more information on tax filing assistance, please