Executive Board


Executive Board

Know Your Executive Board

Dilcy Benn, President Local 1505

Denis Fishley, Vicepresident

I have been a member of Local 1505 for several years serving as a Vice-president since 2009 it has been an honor to serve our members I hope to continue serving our local and its members. I will do everything but the impossible to represent your interest and achieve our common goals and ideas. I work in D12 Manhattan as CPW.

Charles Allen, Treasurer

Mr. Allen started out as a seasonal, working for t3 years driving a pickup. 15 passengers vans, using equipment such as: Weed Whackers, Trimmers, Lawn Moaners, specializing in preparing parks for inspection. Mr. Allen then upgraded his skills as an inspector for the Mayor’s office completing the training in inspector’s classes, Shop Steward Classes, Treasurer Classes. Also accompanying Local 1505 in demonstrations rallies, conventions, field trips, and also coached by President Dilcy Benn to assist in members functions. Mr. Allen is dedicated to his work and he is at your service

Emalia Laroche, Recording Secretary

Hello, my name is Emalia La Roche, better known as “Marley” and I am the Recording Secretary of your Local 1505. I have been with the Parks Department for several years now. I work at 86 St Shop s Technical Services in Manhattan as a CPW. This entails driving and assisting the tradesmen. My Job as the secretary is to record meetings and information pertinent to our members. This is an important job and I take it seriously.

Kurt Walford, Executive Board

Hello Brothers and Sisters: My name is Kurt Walford and I have been working for the Parks Department for several years now. I am a CPW stationed in the Bronx and work out of District 5. I am also on the executive board of Local 1505serving you guys since 2009, it is a privilege ad honor sitting on the Executive Board serving and looking forward to keep doing so.

Jose Cintron, Executive Board

Hi, my name is Jose Cintron. I have been working for the parks department for twenty two years, I got involved with the union in 2007 and became a Shop Steward in 2008, and in 2009 I was elected to be Chairman of the elections committee. That was a very important role because it determined who was going to be the next elected union president in November 2010 I was nominated to become a member of the Executive Board. I work at Thomas Jefferson Recreation center in Manhattan I am a CPW I supervise JTPs and I like to help our members.
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