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Local 1505 Helps in heart transplant


City Parks Worker Walter Brissett collapsed as he climbed the stairs to his apartment after 
a  long day at work  in July 2011. He survived the fall, but his heart stopped as Emergency 
Medical Technician revived him.

“My doctor said I had  a weak heart and needed a transplant ,” Brissett said. On a Sunday 
six months  later  the transplant doctors called “That afternoon I was on the operating 
table. Tuesday I woke up like nothing happened.”

Brissett lives alone, so his oldest sister Leona Harris  came to his aid. But hwen his 
paycheck  stopped,  she called Local 1505.

President dilcy Benn went above and beyond  to make sure Parks reinstated my pay my pay” 
Brissett said.  Although  he was hospitalized, the  agency  made him  submit original 
paperwork every month. 

“Thanks to Deborah de Lauro here at DC37  and cooperation from the Parks Payroll managers 
Agnes Grant and Chief Kim Mc Neall I was able to submit  all the papers,” said Benn who 
later helped Brissett file for retirement.

“Dilcy Went the extra mile for our family, “ said Harris.

With a new heart, Brissett is getting stronger. His doctor even advised him to join a gym.

We weren’t  worried.” Harris said. “We knew it would turn  out well  for Walter and let 
it in God’s hands.
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