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Park Workers win $13,600 in Back Pay

After DC37 filed her out-of title work grievance, an impartial arbitrator awarded City Parks Workers Rosa Rosado $13, 600 in back pay. The nine-year Parks employee worked unsupervised and led group of Job Training Participants through the rigors of parks maintenance -- sweepping, raking using weed-whackers and lawn mowers to keep Canarsie Park clean. “Most times I was alone and to train them. They did not how to work with tools and some even did not know how to use a broom,” Rosado said. “And every time I took a group out in the truck, I had them signed the job ticket showing that she supervised them. Rosado supervised five to eight JTPs at a time, work usually done by higher-paid Associated Parks Services Workers but the Parks Dept. never offered her and upgrade , not even the Crew chief pay differential. In November 2010, she went to Local 1505 President Dilcy Benn, who filed the grievance with Blue Collar Rep Tony Mammalello. Rosa’s hard work and the respect she had earned from the supervisors helped the the union with win, said DC37 Attorney Meaghean Murphy. One supervisor testified in the hearing, “speaking of Rosado in glowing terms and stating that she had been supervising JTPs and other CPWs for some time ” Murphy said. “Now she is finally compensated for the those duties.” Parks often has CPWs doing out-of title work, such as supervision and discourages them from filing grievances. Rosa stuck to her guns and we were able to prevail,” said Ben. “We urge members who believe they are being assigned out-of title work to come to the union,” added Benn. We have succeded in making Parks pay members for this. This is your union and we will fight for you. Fighting for fair wages: Local President Dilcy Benn helped CPW Rosa Rosado win $13,600 in back pay for out-of title work.
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