• Local 1505
    Welcome to Local 1505 Website.

President's Message

As your President I have worked hard to try and make our local stronger. I have made a lot of information available to all our members.

This Website is an information guide to all members of 1505 to keep you updated on current events to allow you to know what is going on in our union.

I would love to hear any ideas or comments you might have on how we can improve our local or make our local stronger.

I am honored to serve you as a President of Local 1505, I feel this job is a privilege to have and you have to believe and care about what you do in order to be president it is not easy but I believe in the road I have chosen to help and defend every member of this local. I want to extend special thanks to all Local 1505 Shop Stewards for being my eyes and ears in the field. I encourage any member who is interested in serving the local to contact me to become a Shop Steward. Become a more active member, and help all our brothers and sisters to do better.

Dilcy Benn

President Local 1505

A Message from Lillian Roberts, Executive Director DC37

Sisters and brothers, I want to congratulate President Dilcy Benn for making this great technological leap on behalf of the membership and establishing this website.

This fine communication tool will be of great use in your efforts to keep the membership up to date on your local’s issues and our fightback campaign to oppose the cutting of vital public services such as the many services you perform every day to make New York City’s parks and green spaces shine.

Furthermore, this site will be extremely helpful in rallying the members to participate in this tough fight, like our June 14th rally at City Hall.

I wish you much success with your new website and I am confident that you will use it effectively to promote union solidarity and growth.

In solidarity,

Lillian Roberts,

Executive Director, DC 37